State and Localities

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Tip O'Neill famously said, "All politics is local."  Flanagan Consulting LLC knows that he wasn't wrong.

At the State level, there is an increasing need for federal representation to secure dollars for important programs and projects. In the past, the States looked to the federal government for occasional matching dollars but, today, billions flow to the States annually for programs and projects mandated in Washington and administered in State capitols across the nation.

States, frequently left by legislation to claw their fair share of these programs from a finite pot of money, often fail in the attempt because they lack dedicated representation to augment their own Congressional delegation's work. Increasingly, States find that an experienced team of legislative and policy experts, skilled in the ways of federal authorization and appropriations, are indispensable allies in making sure that they receive all that they need (and maybe a bit more).

The needs of counties and cities are no less acute and often more desperate because even their own State governments may refuse to prioritize their needs. Flanagan Consulting LLC takes the needs of the smallest locality as seriously as those of the largest State or corporate client.

Home to a team of experts with a unique blend of government, public and private sector experience, Flanagan Consulting LLC specializes in helping States and local governments win their battles where it often counts the most "inside the Beltway".

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