About Flanagan Consulting LLC

Flanagan Consulting LLC has been serving the needs of our clients in Washington for ten years.  Lobbying, business advice and federal sales have been the hallmarks of our service to our clients here in Washington DC and throughout the country.  The firm was founded by former Congressman Michael P. Flanagan and he has been the firm’s president throughout its history.  Mike Flanagan maintains excellent relations with Capitol Hill, various federal Departments and at the Administration generally.  Both houses of Congress are places which Mike Flanagan is very comfortable, respected and well-thought-of.  He is welcome on both sides of the aisle and on both sides of the Capitol.

Flanagan Consulting LLC seeks to satisfy the entire needs of our clients in relation to government.  As a consulting company as well as a lobbying firm, we provide advice and assistance in business to government relations issues.  We have an extensive list of partners and brother companies which often provide a comprehensive resource for large campaigns requiring press, public relations, legal advice and comprehensive coverage leading to ultimate success.  On the other hand, we are pleased to participate with other firms making-up an integral part of a larger team.  We are all about the win and what it takes to get there for our clients.

Flanagan Consulting LLC has international attenuations in the Middle East and Africa which we can bring to bear for clients in other-than-US government sales.  We can serve a client’s investments, projects and sales needs outside of the United States in these areas and are able to provide comprehensive connection to the decision makers in these regions.  We have an enviable list of close contacts and we are the lobbying firm best positioned to serve clients in these areas.

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