Flanagan Consulting Philosophy

Whether fledgling venture or Fortune 500 veteran, every client of Flanagan Consulting LLC deserves and can depend upon our integrity, creativity, and productivity in the service of success.  We believe in trust-based, long-term client relationships and will do what it takes to earn that trust and to build each relationship.  We are committed to solving our clients' problems and to helping them make the most of every possible opportunity. 

The intricacies of government are ponderous to the new or the uninitiated. Yet, businesses need this expertise more and more. Flanagan Consulting LLCis committed to providing our clients’ both that expertise and the comfortable feeling of confidence that comes from having you matters being handled by a real expert. Service is our business and our clients are our only priority.  We are dedicated to making sure that our clients have the best and most advanced information, the highest level of dependable predictions about legislative initiatives and constant flow of information about the state of government and your specific issue. 

We are the experts you need to identify, action and resolve all of your government problems, needs and opportunities

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